What You Need to Know About Lamu Island

When people hear of Kenya, they think about the wildlife and the Great Rift Valley. Well, Kenya is a very interesting country. It has tons of snow-capped mountains, grasslands, beaches, national parks, and reserves. The bountiful nature is preserved and well-maintained. It’s a magnificent sight, especially nowadays when most parts of the world have lost its lush green.

But besides Kenya’s graceful landscape, it is a country composed of many towns and cities. Some of them are popular like its urban core: the Nairobi. Nairobi is known for its Natural Park which is a large game reserve known for breeding endangered black rhinos and home to giraffes, zebras, and lions.

Other parts of Kenya include its old towns. Here, you can get a glimpse of some historic sites and fascinating cultures. They have some of the world’s well-kept traditions, magnificent ruins, and scars of history. Some of Kenya’s old towns are famous like Mombasa and Malindi. But what should interest you most is its oldest town and a hidden gem: the Lamu Town.


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What is Lamu?

Situated in Lamu Island, Lamu is the oldest town in Kenya. It has earned a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list because it’s a national monument with an astonishing past.

Lamu is considered as one of the well-preserved towns in the world. It has numerous cultural, historic, and architectural influences. The place in itself is an eye-candy, but wait until you hear its history and you will appreciate the town even more.

donkeyWith its unique and antique fashion, you will feel like stepping into an old era, rewinding those good old days where the air is cleaner and life was simpler.

You can see donkeys all over the streets, mostly probably carrying people and things. Don’t fret; it’s normal in Lamu. That’s because it is the town’s common mode of transportation. Unlike in big cities where engines are rampant, Lamu only has their donkeys to ride.

Lamu has a charming and laid-back vibe. You will adore its hospitality. Locals are known to have kind and welcoming auras, making you feel comfortable while staying in Lamu. Most of them know how to speak in English, so you really have nothing to worry about communication differences.

Its tropical setting is superb. Besides its picturesque town architecture, you will fall in love seeing its coastal views. If you can take a dip and enjoy its pristine beaches, that’s much better!

Lamu is a great place to visit, and people who have been here can testify with their positive experiences. If you have plans of visiting Kenya, make sure to stop by Lamu Town.